Assignment 3- A little research and inspiration for our magic

6 Apr

With several different fashion products to choose from, and several different target groups, we decided to be a little ‘outside of the box’ and utilize a major pop icon of the past month as our inspiration.

Before I get into detail about what we decided to select, We researched a little bit, and the following link to this Ad Age list of great campaigns really gave us a start on how to attack and develop a successful campaign from a design perspective.

Now, back to our inspiration, showing are tasteless admiration of celebrity, Charlie Sheen and his epic, drug-induced downward spiral. What better time to capitalize on this high-profile collapse than now?

Thus, the birth of Sheen Jeans, the stylish, affordable way to show you are winning!

Using some of his (Charlie’s) more off-the-wall sayings, and some design features inspired by said sayings, we had our platform. The execution was next.




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