Assignment 4- Outline

8 Apr

The Outline as seen on

Create two video ads selling any product, service, or PSA. Both ads must be about the same product, service, or PSA.


Ad #1 (30 seconds) must target mainstream network TV audiences. 12 points.


Ad #2 (30 seconds or longer) must target the urban cultural elite. 12 points.


Ads will be evaluated on the basis of


  1. clarity of the sales proposition (sex appeal, individuality, comfort, relationship, other . . .),
  2. originality (freshness),
  3. stopping power,
  4. unity of messaging,
  5. editing,
  6. technical quality,
  7. creative execution.


Your ads must be clearly distinguished from the competition in your category.


Additional requirements may be established by Dr. Strangelove in class. Pay attention!


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