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Assignement 1- The final Product

5 Apr

Levis has a tradition of appealing to working class. We feel the use of setting in our ad achieves this. We incorporated a female to show the possibility of being attractive to the opposite sex, the rural environment appealing to millions of ‘work jean’ wearers, and the double entendre tagline being humorous and relaying our sexual message. We feel we achieved our goal.

In the future we would make sure our image is crisper.


Ad Assignment 1- The Inspiration

5 Apr

So, with our guidelines set, and some good direction in class from Dr. Strangelove, we were ready to get started. A little ‘googling’ lead us to some inspiring images. Below you can see what we found to be our motivation, and what we were striving for. A badass jean ad was brewing in our minds.