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Assignment 2-Final Product-Condom Ad/Dr. Strangelove Ad

5 Apr

So, our final product is based tightly on the images which inspired us. Using an ‘aged’ image we incorporated some humor and captured one of the main characters of the movie. Our tagline was WMD, Weapons of Mass Desire…playing of the WMD theme of the movie. This allowed for some more humor, and conveying a sexual message. The condom on the cigar is a play on the stoic image and conveyed a little more humor.The quote at the bottom is directly from the film and fit in nicely with our ideas.¬† we feel we accomplished our goal.



Dr. Stragelove Inspirational Pics

5 Apr

Along with the movie, we used some still shots as inspiration for our assignment. Below you will see some shots we found inspirational.

Assignment 2- Outline

5 Apr

Dr. Strangelove¬†assigned us pretty specific guidelinesfor assignment 2. We were supposed to utilize the ideas of the movie ¬†‘Dr. Strangelove’ to sell condoms.

  1. Create a one or two page magazine advertisement selling condoms (any brand)
  2. Use the ideas associated with the movie “Dr. Strangelove” as the core of your creative concept.
  3. Use a ONE sentence headline (required). You may include additional copy if desired.
  4. Include an original tagline at the bottom of the ad
  5. Include the brand logo at the bottom right hand corner of the ad
  6. You must use an existing brand
  7. Image must work with headline and copy (unity of all elements)
  8. Ad must have realistic chance of client accepting ad
  9. Include your full name in body of your email
  10. Send as a JPEG or other standard image file
  11. Do not send as .psd file
  12. Submit in hardcopy or by e-mail to
  13. Any spelling errors will result in loss 6 pts
  14. Use Canadian spelling
  15. Images and copy MAY NOT be taken from existing ads (ALL copy and visuals must be of your own creation — NO exceptions)
  16. Do not use Times New Roman Font