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Assignment 3- The Final Product

6 Apr

Sheen Jeans is a modern alternative to high-priced, stylish jeans on the market. With the incorporation of a high-profile celebrity, we hope to target celebrity-conscience, tasteful individuals with a Winning! attitude. Our campaign features a similar theme with copy being the same, and the model in similar situations. The use of props and positions exemplifies the brand taglines and highlights the attitude we wish to achieve with this brand.


Assignment 3- A little research and inspiration for our magic

6 Apr

With several different fashion products to choose from, and several different target groups, we decided to be a little ‘outside of the box’ and utilize a major pop icon of the past month as our inspiration.

Before I get into detail about what we decided to select, We researched a little bit, and the following link to this Ad Age list of great campaigns really gave us a start on how to attack and develop a successful campaign from a design perspective.

Now, back to our inspiration, showing are tasteless admiration of celebrity, Charlie Sheen and his epic, drug-induced downward spiral. What better time to capitalize on this high-profile collapse than now?

Thus, the birth of Sheen Jeans, the stylish, affordable way to show you are winning!

Using some of his (Charlie’s) more off-the-wall sayings, and some design features inspired by said sayings, we had our platform. The execution was next.



Advertising Assignment 3- Guidelines

6 Apr

Doc Strangelove was looking for a series of print ads with a similar theme as part of a general ad campaign. These were his guidelines:

  1. Create 4 (four) one or two page magazines advertisement (8×11) selling a fashion brand that you create (not an existing brand)
  2. Your task is to communicate a distinct brand identity and make all 4 ads part of one unified campaign.
  3. Include in each ad your brand name (a logo is optional). You may include additional copy if desired.
  4. Include your full name in body of your email
  5. Send as a JPEG or other standard image file
  6. Do not send as .psd file
  7. Submit in hardcopy or by e-mail to
  8. Any spelling errors will result in loss 6 pts
  9. Use Canadian spelling
  10. Images and copy MAY NOT be taken from existing ads (ALL copy and visuals must be of your own creation — NO exceptions)
  11. Do not use Times New Roman Font