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Assignment 4- The Inspiration-All Us!

8 Apr

Unlike the other assignments throughout the semester, there was no pre-existing inspiring images/videos. We decided to sell toilets…our own way. We wanted an original idea which hadn’t been done in that market before. We decided on “escaping reality” by daydreaming on the toilet in one add, and the for our internet/viral add we utilized the story of drug dealers flushing their stash down the toilet, promoting the large flushing capabilities of the toilet.

We want to be original, and especially funny.


Assignment 3- A little research and inspiration for our magic

6 Apr

With several different fashion products to choose from, and several different target groups, we decided to be a little ‘outside of the box’ and utilize a major pop icon of the past month as our inspiration.

Before I get into detail about what we decided to select, We researched a little bit, and the following link to this Ad Age list of great campaigns really gave us a start on how to attack and develop a successful campaign from a design perspective.

Now, back to our inspiration, showing are tasteless admiration of celebrity, Charlie Sheen and his epic, drug-induced downward spiral. What better time to capitalize on this high-profile collapse than now?

Thus, the birth of Sheen Jeans, the stylish, affordable way to show you are winning!

Using some of his (Charlie’s) more off-the-wall sayings, and some design features inspired by said sayings, we had our platform. The execution was next.



Dr. Stragelove Inspirational Pics

5 Apr

Along with the movie, we used some still shots as inspiration for our assignment. Below you will see some shots we found inspirational.

Ad Assignment 1- The Inspiration

5 Apr

So, with our guidelines set, and some good direction in class from Dr. Strangelove, we were ready to get started. A little ‘googling’ lead us to some inspiring images. Below you can see what we found to be our motivation, and what we were striving for. A badass jean ad was brewing in our minds.