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Assignment 4- The Products

8 Apr

With our 2 ads complete, we were fairly nervous surrounding the reaction in class. From the mixed reaction to our first ad, especially from Dr. Strangelove, we feel it was not much of a success and didn’t resonate the way we wanted it to. However, our second ad, the gangster drug flush ad was a winner. Laughs all around, and a happy professor. When dealing with comedy, it is hit and miss, especially for a few amateurs like us. We went 1/2, which is not too bad. If this was a campaign, our second ad would definitely have been our premier ad.

This wrapped up our assignments for the semester. See below for our video ads.


Advertising Assignment 1-Guidelines

5 Apr

Here are the guidelines we had to work with for our first advertising assignment. And so it begins….

Ad Assignment 1

  1. Create a one page (8×11) magazine advertisement selling Levis jeans with a ONE sentence headline
  2. Include an original tagline at the bottom of the ad
  3. Include the brand logo at the bottom of the ad
  4. Use the visual theme of “working class”
  5. You may use an existing brand or create one
  6. Headline must have a double meaning that relates to the visual
  7. Image must work with headline
  8. Ad must have realistic chance of client accepting ad
  9. Include your full name in body of your email
  10. Send as a JPEG or other standard image file
  11. Do not send as .psd file
  12. Submit in hardcopy or by e-mail to
  13. Any spelling errors will result in loss 6 pts
  14. Use Canadian spelling
  15. Images and copy MAY NOT be taken from existing ads (copy and visuals must be your own creation)
  16. Do not use Times New Roman Font



Some guiding principles

5 Apr

We thought this page gave us some good guidelines throughout the semester. We want to bring fresh ideas to the table, and we think this page helped us.